Protected Concerted Activities for Non-Union Employees

Guide to Protected Concerted Activities for Non-Union Employees

There are certain protected concerted activities for non-union employees under Florida and U.S. law. We discuss the NLRA, protected activities, and more.

A Quick Guide to Florida Labor Laws

A Quick Guide to Florida Labor Laws

Florida labor laws exist to ensure that employees get paid what they are legally owed and protect employees from illegal actions such as harassment. They are far-reaching and include state statutes and federal statutes such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we are dedicated to fighting for employee rights […]


Florida Labor Laws and Part-Time Employment

Florida part-time laws are in place to protect the employee rights of workers across many industries. Even if you are not a full-time employee – you still have rights. Understanding what is considered part-time in Florida and related Florida part-time laws is key to ensuring that you are paid a fair wage, and your employer […]

What Is a Right to Work State

What Is a Right to Work State? Knowing Your Employee Rights.

What is a right-to-work state? This question is one of the most common regarding employee rights. Rightfully so. These laws cover millions of private-sector workers in multiple industries throughout the United States. From teachers to firefighters and electricians to pipefitters, and many more types of workers —if you live in a right-to-work state, you should […]

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations: What You Need to Know

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations: What You Need to Know

Fair Credit Reporting Act violations affect the lives of job seekers, employees, and their families, and they can cause financial difficulty, career upheaval, and disrupt your overall quality of life. Fortunately, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) offers individual protections backed by the federal government’s power. These protections give job seekers and employees the ability […]

Two people shaking hands over a desk

6 Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer

When you are searching for the right legal representation, it can be hard to decide who to chose. There are important questions to ask an employment lawyer that will guide you in selecting the best firm for your needs. What to Ask Before Hiring an Employment Lawyer Here are seven critical questions to ask an […]


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