filing a florida unemployment claim

A Self-Help Guide to File for Unemployment in Florida

Need to know how to file for unemployment in Florida or have questions about your claim? Our guide can assist you through the unemployment claim process.

Boss handing employee money because of Florida overtime laws

Overtime and Tips: How Do Florida Overtime Laws Work?

The qualifications and calculations for overtime in Florida can be confusing for many workers in the state, including overtime pay for tipped employees. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a key employment law with detailed language to protect employees and guarantee payment of wages for all the hours an employee is rightfully due, […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace & The Impact on LGBTQ Employees

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace & The Impact on LGBTQ Employees

Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace has been occurring for decades, affecting the careers and lives of LGBTQ employees in many ways. Even as society is changing and advancing its views on equality for all people, LGBTQ discrimination persists. What Is Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace? Sexual orientation in the workplace refers to an […]

Discrimination Cases: 4 Ways an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

Discrimination Cases: 4 Ways an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

Discrimination cases are an effective means to hold employers accountable for violations of employment law. There are key legal actions that can be taken to stop unlawful behavior and provide employees who have been discriminated against remedies which may include compensatory damages, reinstatement to their position if they have been fired, and back pay, among […]

definition of discrimination with word discrimination underlined with red marker

Can I Sue My Employer for Discrimination? Filing A Discrimination Claim In Florida

Employment discrimination negatively affects the careers and lives of many Florida workers every year. But employment law can be quite complex. Difficulties often occur in the workplace, but that does not necessarily mean what happened was illegal. The basic answer to, “Can I sue my employer for discrimination?” is YES. But it is necessary to […]

tcpa defense attorney feature

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a TCPA Attorney

Are you being harassed with phone calls by banks, mega-corporations, and other debt collectors? A TCPA defense attorney fights hard for consumers to stop the abuse from violators of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). With more than a billion robocalls that occur every day in the United States, it is important to know your […]

how COBRA insurance works in Florida

Lose Your Job? How COBRA Insurance Works In Florida

If you recently lost your job, chances are you have questions about health insurance. Fortunately, if you voluntarily resigned, were laid off, or were terminated from your job for any reason other than “gross misconduct,” you may still be able to retain your health insurance through COBRA coverage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) […]

Unemployment Claims

Unemployment Benefits in Florida: Learn How To Survive Losing Your Job

What are some things I can do to survive job loss? Did you lose your job? Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for your bills, rent, and even groceries? We can help. Losing your job can be a traumatic experience. And while dealing with the shock, you probably want to know what are […]

woman sitting at a desk with her computer thinking

Florida Guilty of Cutting Unemployment Benefits for Jobless

What happens when you lose your job? In most states, there are protections offering you unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, and a few states that offer you benefits for even a longer period of time. In the state of Florida, available weeks of benefits are tied to the unemployment rate and adjusted on […]

President Obama standing at podium speaking outside

How the Obama Administration May Have Improved Your Job

Workers Rights Protected by New Federal Regulations New federal regulations are here to protect employee rights. If you work for a company that does business with the federal government, you just might be seeing some changes. Under new rules and regulations laid out by the Obama Administration and the Department of Labor, workers’ rights are […]


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