How do I negotiate severance pay after a job loss?

Being laid off or fired can be a nerve-racking experience, which can leave the former employee financially vulnerable. In some cases, prior to being let go, an employer may offer a severance package or provide the opportunity to negotiate an exit plan based on signing an agreement. Although these options do not replace employment, they can help ease income concerns while hunting for a new job.

Since 1994, our employment law firm in Tampa has negotiated and litigated on behalf of employees leaving companies across Tampa Bay and throughout Florida. When you have questions regarding a severance package or non-compete agreement, you should consult an attorney experienced with employment contracts and negotiations to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Severance Packages

Our law firm counsels clients regarding the structure of severance packages offered by employers when parting ways, including reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and when an agreement is not honored, representing our client through litigation to uphold their rights.

We understand losing your job can be a tough time. We’re here to help. Contact an employee rights attorney at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., to discuss your severance package and employment contract concerns, so you can focus on new employment opportunities.

* Free Consultation not available for Employment Contract and Agreement consultations.

Severance Resources

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