What are the statutes of limitation for wage and hour disputes in Florida?

Missing wages or fighting for fair pay? If you are an employee who has not been paid the wages you are due, our law firm has the experience to represent you. At the Tampa firm Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., our employment law attorneys understand the importance of thorough representation with wage and hour disputes.

We have extensive legal experience advocating for employees. Our lawyers have a deep appreciation for the complex and difficult nature of wage and hour disputes, and we seek to begin a constructive dialog between employers and their employees in seeking a fair resolution.

Based in Tampa, Florida, our law firm has grown a reputation for dedicated client service since its founding in 1994. We counsel clients in cases involving unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, unpaid commission, unpaid salary, and other forms of wage theft including cases involving the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Unpaid Overtime

Unpaid overtime is a form of being short-changed, and can happen in various ways. We handle cases in which employees accuse their employers of expecting them to work off the clock after accumulating 40 hours, as well as cases involving employers who pay overtime hours at regular wage rates, more commonly known as “straight-time” pay.

Unpaid Wages

Our law firm represents clients in tip credit cases involving wait staff, bartenders, and other service employees who are paid less than minimum wage, as well as cases involving employers who fail to issue a final paycheck to an exiting employee. We also handle wage and hour dispute cases involving misclassified employees, including exempt and nonexempt employees, contractors, and cases involving disputed employee hours.

Unpaid Commissions

We represent salespersons, including retail salespeople, car sales agents, and realtors, in cases involving unpaid sales and performance-based commissions.

When it comes to getting short-changed by your employer, you may need to seek the help of an employee rights attorney. To consult with an experienced employment lawyer regarding your wage and hour dispute, call us today or schedule your free initial consultation now.

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