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Our firm was built in the 1990s when employee rights were rapidly changing, particularly the right to a trial by jury in employment cases, leading to a glut of lawyers without employment law experience hanging a shingle and trying to become employee side lawyers and too-big-to-fail corporations hiring “the best” lawyers to protect them from their wrongdoing in the revised legal landscape.

Steven Wenzel, who had served as Vice President at the University of South Florida and then as President of a community health system before starting the firm, observed firsthand that employers seemed to have the upper hand in employment law disputes. Looking to move out of the corporate world, Mr. Wenzel began the practice with the humble goal of providing representation to employees who needed a voice. Mr. Wenzel met Matthew Fenton, who was then working as a federal law clerk, where Mr. Fenton was able to observe Mr. Wenzel diligently practicing his craft.

While clerking, Mr. Fenton noticed how often the quality of representation favored the employer and that there just were not enough lawyers like Mr. Wenzel. He saw employees in need of better lawyers and, determined to make a difference, decided that representing employees was his calling. Mr. Wenzel was the first attorney Mr. Fenton called at the end of his clerkship; he joined Mr. Wenzel’s firm as an associate and, soon thereafter, as a partner.

Tony Cabassa studied Industrial Relations at Cornell University. Mr. Cabassa, who has a distinguished record of service to the legal community, first met Mr. Fenton through bar activities, eventually leading to Mr. Fenton and Mr. Cabassa serving as co-chairs of the Labor and Employment section of the Hillsborough County Bar. At the time, Mr. Cabassa was a fierce opponent with the defense bar and was one of Mr. Wenzel and Mr. Fenton’s most respected adversaries. When Mr. Cabassa chose to pursue his true passion for employee side representation, he joined forces with the firm and Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., was born. Since then, the firm has carefully added attorneys who share their passion, diligence and relentless energy for pursuing employee rights.

The need for workplace justice was obvious then and remains now more than ever before with the number of EEOC retaliation, FLSA class actions, and employment law cases at an all time high, as well as heightened FMLA enforcement in recent years.

Tackling Workplace Issues that Affect You & Your Family

Bad things happen to good employees. We understand you are experiencing a tough time, but just know, you are not alone. No matter how skilled you are at your job or the recognition you receive, anyone can become a victim of illegal workplace actions.

We also understand what you are going through affects more than just you. It affects your family too. Whether it’s financial or emotional, workplace violations can have a larger impact than most are aware. That’s why we tackle any workplace violation aggressively and with you, and your family, in mind.

Here are just some of the employment issues we handle to help employees:

Take Action Now! Time May Be Running Out Due to the Statute of Limitations

Get the facts. Knowing is half the battle and the best thing you can do is take action by talking with an experienced employment law attorney who can inform you about your situation and what to expect with your case.

Statute of Limitations means your case starts a ticking clock. If you believe you have been wronged by your employer, you should speak with an employment law attorney immediately to meet deadlines and preserve your rights.

Find out more from one of our Employment Law Attorneys, Matthew Fenton, and contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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