Protect Your Right to a Harassment-Free Workplace

Bullying, whether physical or verbal, is not just a problem in US grade schools. It is also a problem in many work environments. No laws currently on the books specifically address workplace bullying. However, employment discrimination law – overseen by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – may protect your rights if they are rooted in your sex, race, age, or similar personal characteristics.

Bullying is not a simple problem. Consistent and hostile behavior can often be complex to address and resolve. Furthermore, bullying is not just physical aggression, and it is not always by peers. The range of most typical bullying scenarios is eye-opening.

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The Face of Bullying

Gender-Neutral. The majority of bullies are men, which is not all that surprising. However, a 2009 article in The New York Times covered a study by the nonprofit Workplace Bullying Institute. The study revealed that women bullies make up 40% of the total population and that 70% of the time, they choose other women as their targets.

Superior vs. Subordinate

The most common form of workplace bullying is not among peers. Rather, it is top-down, perpetrated by a supervisor managing the activities of those below him or her on the hierarchy.

Unfair Deadlines & Production Minimums

As stated, bullying is not always based on physical aggression. It can also be subtle and psychological. Often, this takes the form of a manager applying extreme pressure to subordinates to achieve higher production.

Pending Legislation

A piece of legislation called the Healthy Workplace Bill has been floating around since just after the turn-of-the-century. It is an effort for the United States to pass anti-bullying measures into law, following the trend set by the UK, Scandinavian countries, and Canada.

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