Severance pay provides an important financial cushion after a layoff, termination, or a job loss due to mergers and acquisitions.

At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we are dedicated to fairness and justice for employees, and our severance attorneys help workers during these nerve-wracking, stress-filled times. Our Florida severance attorneys are highly skilled at negotiating severance agreements to help you get the best outcome possible.

Have you been denied severance pay? You may still be able to get a compensation agreement for the loss of your job. Have you been offered a severance package and are trying to determine if it is a fair deal? When you contact us, a severance attorney will conduct a thorough analysis and, if needed, perform negotiations to ensure you are getting a fair deal.

We have extensive knowledge of employment law and understand the key components of severance packages and what it takes to make your compensation appropriate and just.


Florida employee rights laws do not include a mandatory requirement for employers to give their workers severance pay after being laid off or terminated. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not mandate severance pay.

Although, many employers choose to do so, which could be because they want workers to sign a non-compete agreement to prevent direct competition. Non-compete agreements and severance packages should be carefully and thoroughly considered and evaluated by a severance attorney in Florida prior to signing.

Employers may also offer severance packages as part of a general policy in the form of an employment contract. Contracts are enforceable by law if an employee voluntarily signs them.

Additionally, employers may offer a severance package to suppress a legal claim that the employee may have against an employer, which is not uncommon. Employees have broad protections against employers who violate the law and do not have to succumb to this tactic by employers. You may have the right to significantly more compensation than what an employer offers in a severance package.

A severance agreement attorney is a critical expert to have on your side in any of these situations and can advise you regarding your best options after a job loss.


It depends on your situation. If severance pay was part of a legal employment contract, you may have a solid case and be able to sue your employer. Consult with a severance lawyer to determine if you have a case. Another tactic that employers may use is to not pay you for your last month or weeks of wages, which is a violation of employment laws.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, you can also sue your employer. There are specific circumstances that would need to be present to equal a wrongful termination, which include:

Make sure not to sign any waivers or releases prior to getting legal advice. Your employer may be forceful in their attempt to thwart any legal action against the company. They are looking after their own best interests, and you should be looking after yours. If your employer violated employment law, you might be entitled to significant damages.

Our Florida severance attorneys have comprehensive knowledge and experience in employment law and can evaluate your situation to determine if you have a valid case against your employer.


Our law firm counsels clients regarding the structure of severance packages offered by employers when parting ways, including reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and when an agreement is not honored, representing our clients through litigation to uphold their rights.

Since 1994, our employment law firm has negotiated and litigated on behalf of employees leaving companies across Tampa Bay and throughout Florida. When you have questions regarding a severance package or non-compete agreement, you should consult an attorney experienced with employment contracts and negotiations to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Whether you are an executive, manager, or employee at this crucial time after a job loss, it is highly valuable to have the professional expertise of a severance lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Initial offers of severance packages may not be appropriate or just. There may also be vague language in the conditions of the package that make it unjustifiably difficult for you to make a living in your profession, either in the specific work that you do and/or the geographic locations where you work or conduct your business.

Additionally, employers may include comprehensive non-disparagement agreements in a severance package that could land you in legal trouble in the future for saying negative things about the company or its leaders on social media or other platforms or publications.

Tough negotiation skills and employment law expertise are the best tools to get fair compensation and terms in severance packages.


We understand losing your job can be a tough time. We’re here to help. Contact an employee rights attorney at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., to discuss your severance package and employment contract concerns, so you can focus on new employment opportunities.

Our severance pay attorneys review packages meticulously and have the tough negotiation skills you need. If your employer has violated an employment law, such as wrongfully terminating you due to discrimination, and is attempting to quash a legal action on your behalf by offering you a severance package, contact us, and we can advise you on your best options moving forward.

Contact us today. We have offices across Florida, including in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Jacksonville.

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