At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we have developed and refined a very specific process that we use when we are contacted by a potential client about a case. Because we have a well-trained team, most of whom have been with us for several years, the interplay between our New Client team and our lawyers is well orchestrated and seamless. We have seen virtually every fact pattern imaginable in the workplace, and our New Client team knows the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the factual and legal issues presented by a potential client contacting our firm. We may contact you several times to collect all of the necessary information that will allow us to determine whether our firm can assist you. Here is what you can expect when you contact our firm:

  • case process investigation


    We seek first to understand what happened. Our New Client team, which has received extensive training at the beginning of their time with our firm and are required to participate in monthly continuing education, will use their expertise to gather the facts our attorneys need to properly evaluate your claim. A senior attorney will review the information and determine whether our team needs to gather any additional facts or documents, or may choose to schedule a call directly with the client.

  • case process study evaluate


    We believe in being honest with our clients. After we have completed our investigation and analysis, we will let you know whether or not our firm may be of assistance to you and what the next steps moving forward will entail. Because we are one of the largest firms in Florida focused on assisting employees in their disputes with employers, we say “yes” to more cases than most firms. And, while we would love to assist every person who contacts us, there are occasions where the facts, the law, or a combination of both, do not make representation possible. Either way, we will promptly let you know if we can assist you. All representation decisions are made by the senior lawyers at our firm.


    Once we undertake representation, we prepare and file the necessary legal documents to advance your claim and protect your interests. We send these documents to your (likely former) employer and invite a dialogue. Because we have tried countless cases, we have learned from our clients that what they really want is justice, recognition, reasonable compensation for what they have experienced and are owed, and closure. Because every filed lawsuit gets ordered to a mediation by the trial judge – a process aimed at getting the matter resolved – we know that the employer and the employee will eventually be forced to discuss the case and attempt to resolve their differences. As such, we make all reasonable attempts to resolve a case as early in the process as possible, putting money in your pocket and relieving you of the stress and uncertainty of litigation. This stage usually involves direct talks between us and the lawyers for the company, but may also involve a pre-suit mediation.

  • case process study litigate


    If we are unable to get the matter resolved pre-suit, and we have not yet accepted the case for litigation, we will evaluate the case, utilizing all of the information we have obtained during the pre-suit period, and make a determination on the strength of the case in litigation. If the facts and the law support the claim, we will file a lawsuit to secure justice for our clients. Our firm is repeatedly recognized as filing more lawsuits than almost any other employee rights law firm in Florida, being consistently ranked in the top five highest volume filers in the state.

  • Case- process study trial

    5. GO TO TRIAL

    The litigation process, as mentioned above, is geared towards getting parties to resolve their dispute without a trial. However, we have made our reputation as trial lawyers who have taken some of the largest employers in Florida and the federal government to trial in order to secure justice for our clients. We pride ourselves on successfully trying cases and have a reputation for going the distance for our clients.

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