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Tampa Employment Lawyers Who ONLY Represent Employees.

We are Employment Law Attorneys dedicated to upholding the rights of workers. Recognizing the power that employers, and their lawyers, have over employees, we started a law firm to balance that power — going toe-to-toe with companies large and small to fight for employee rights. Over the years, we’ve worked with employees in Tampa and across Florida and have gained the experience needed to protect your legal rights. Whether you are dealing with workplace discrimination, retaliation, a hostile work environment, or unfair wages, our labor and employment law firm is prepared to help.

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Wrongful Termination

Unlawful or wrongful termination of employees has serious legal consequences. Employees have strong protections against employers who violate the law. Although Florida is an “at-will” state, your age, race, gender, or injury should not result in the loss of your job. If you believe you are a victim of unlawful termination, the Florida wrongful termination lawyers at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. are here to help.


What makes a strong workplace retaliation lawsuit is preserving and identifying evidence of retaliation in detailed documentation. This is where many people we have helped have fallen short in establishing a workplace retaliation case. Florida workplace retaliation lawyers understand the complexity involved with proving hostile workplace retaliation, and we will work closely through each step of the way. Keeping track of any change in how you are treated at work in great detail will help build a strong case.


Workplace discrimination is a serious matter that can cause emotional stress, loss of focus, and a drop in job performance. An employee may become so distressed that he or she may no longer wish to return to work, negatively affecting careers and creating a wide range of difficulties for individuals and families across the state. Our Florida employment discrimination lawyers encourage you to take action, stop workplace discrimination, and hold employers accountable.

Hostile Work Environment

The hostile work environment lawyers at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. are dedicated to employee rights. If you have experienced severe or pervasive harassment or discriminatory conduct in the workplace, you need to know that you have rights under Florida and federal law that protects you and serve to hold people accountable for their unlawful behavior.

Family Medical Leave Act

The employment & labor law attorneys at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. are experienced in representing cases involving FMLA violations throughout the state of Florida. If you have been demoted, fired, or otherwise punished for taking FMLA leave, take action. Your employer has a lawyer, why don’t you?

Wage Disputes

Do you need wage dispute lawyers? Even though there are state and federal laws that mandate employers to pay all wages that are owed to an employee, it is relatively common for companies to not pay individuals in full. A wage lawyer understands the complexities of employment law and can fight for your rights and collect unpaid wages and benefits.

Unpaid Overtime

Florida employers find ways to cut costs, often at the expense of their hard-working employees. This focus on the bottom line may end up violating rights and short-changing money owed to an employee. Do you have unpaid overtime? Florida overtime attorneys fight for the rights of people just like you, holding employers accountable by working hard for justice.

Contracts & Agreements

We read the fine print. Employee-employer agreements and severance issues require legal expertise to ensure the rights of employees are being upheld. Our Florida employment contract attorneys will act as your legal advocates and guide you through the complexities of contract negotiation, contract interpretation, and litigation or enforcement. Common employment-based contracts include non- (“non-compete”) agreements, trade secret agreements, and non-solicitation agreements.

EEOC Representation

If you have been subject to discrimination in the workplace, EEOC mediation serves to protect your rights to fair, equal treatment. With an experienced EEOC attorney, you have a powerful legal professional throughout the process to achieve the best resolution possible.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates much more than the “credit report” or credit score you hear so much about. The FCRA offers valuable protections for employees (or applicants) when their personal information is used to make employment decisions. Were you wrongfully denied employment due to a background check? You may be a victim of a Fair Credit Reporting Act violation.


Did you lose your job? If your health insurance plan administrator neglected to give you the proper COBRA documents by the deadline specified by the Department of Labor (DOL), under federal law, ERISA, you may be able eligible to receive up to $110 for each day they failed to provide the documents.



When employees want workplace justice, they call us. We’re the employee’s law firm— a tireless legal team fighting for your rights.

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“Brandon Hill is the man! My case was settled fast and with a professional touch. I was treated like I was the most important case that ever stepped foot in their office. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking representation.”

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“Brandon and Marie have been more than helpful. My former employer shut down the business owing money to all of the staff. They have been fighting for us and their best quality is their honesty because they tell you straightforward how things are.”

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“Thank you so much Brandon Hill & Marie for your excellent services, a first class operation with super attention to detail and swift action to any and all of my questions. I was extremely impressed with how they dealt with my case. I can thoroughly recommend this company and its team to anybody looking for legal representation that goes above and beyond.”

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“OHM, The best team I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Brandon and Marie were keeping me informed at every step. They understood my position and pushed it to a very successful conclusion. I would recommend them to all that need Legal service. Thank you again Brandon and Marie. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.”

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“Super friendly and easy to deal with, Brandon Hill was my attorney and everything went smoothI will highly recommend these guys and for sure I’ll spread the good word.I like that they are clear since minute one … Here is my case , here is what we can get , this is gonna be your share and that is gonna be mine .!! And its fair !! no crazy high numbers with no crazy overwhelming cash is coming from your case !!I’m a happy client , my case was closed, got my share that I’ve been told before even signing the contract with them.Couldn’t make it without you Brandon .. Thank you so much and keep the good work upppp!!”

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“I was recently represented by Mr. Brandon Hill. Mr. Hill was an excellent litigator in my defense against a former unethical, immoral, and crooked employer. He was experienced, confident, professional, knowledgeable and aggressive when needed. (I am glad he was on my side!) I would highly recommend his firm and specifically his services for your defense. (If this review had more “stars” for the ranking, I would easily give him more!!!) Ask for Brandon Hill if you want to win your case! Thank you again for your services!”

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Our results speak for themselves. This small sampling of our case results reflects the broad scope of our practice. We handle everything – ranging from huge cases against the largest employers to modest cases against small employers, and everything in between.



$6,120,000 recovery for national class of employees and applicants in lawsuit challenging an employer’s practice of not providing proper disclosure and authorization prior to conducting a background check.




$5,000,000 common fund made available for national class of employees and job applicants in lawsuit challenging an employer’s practice of not providing proper disclosure and authorization prior to conducting a background check.




Homosexual male employee terminated because of sexual orientation




Executive terminated for objecting to unlawful company practices, Whistleblower




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