What Does It Take to Get Unemployment Benefits in Florida?
Here’s What You Need to Know

If you recently lost your job in Florida through no fault of your own, you probably have a lot of questions about unemployment benefits.

How do you apply for them?
How long can you collect them?
How much compensation will you receive each week?
What happens if you’re denied benefits?
Under what circumstances should you hire an unemployment benefits attorney?

Our free eBook, What You Need to Know About Florida Unemployment Benefits, answers these questions and much more. The guide details the ins and outs of Florida unemployment claims, the unemployment benefits process and why everyone is not able to get benefits, including:

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  • How to File for Unemployment and Get It
  • Top Unemployment Questions Answered
  • Additional Questions You May Have About Unemployment Compensation/Benefits in Florida
  • Reasons You May Be Denied Unemployment Benefits in Florida
  • Learn How to Survive Losing Your Job
  • Reasons You Need to Hire a Florida Unemployment Compensation Attorney

Get the peace of mind you’re looking for during a difficult time and ensure your workplace rights are protected. Download our free guide today.

Disclaimer: Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. does not currently provide any assistance or representation for unemployment cases in the court of law.

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