Take Action Against Your Hostile Work Environment

Do not tolerate a work environment infused with hostility or inappropriateness. Victims of sexual harassment, age discrimination, or race discrimination must take immediate action. Hostile workplaces and fear of retaliation impacts an employee’s morale and productivity.

Employers and managers who single out a specific employee or certain staff members to harass or demean must be stopped and held accountable for their illegal actions. Like wrongful termination, a hostile work environment violates the rights of employees and takes many forms, including:

Sexual harassment and discrimination based upon race, sex, age and other protected categories is not only intolerable, it is illegal. Retaliation against an employee because of a workers’ compensation or unpaid overtime claim also violates state and federal laws.

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At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we remain by your side throughout the entire process of filing and litigating a hostile work environment claim. Following your free initial consultation, we take immediate action in getting to know the facts of your case.

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Many thanks go out to Brandon Hill and his team of Wenzel Fenton and Cabassa. They were kind , patient and informative. They made me feel important and continued to keep me in the loop the entire time. My case was handled very professionally and in a timely manner. If anyone out there feels like they are being mistreated in the workplace, I highly recommend calling this firm!! Thank you Mr. Hill for continuing to fight and persever against employers who continuously think they can take advantage of their employees and get away with it. I appreciate everything you did for my family and myself !! God bless!!
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