What every employee needs to know about their FMLA rights

Taking time off of work can be very stressful no matter the reason. But when life has other plans and you need to take extended leave from work, make sure you know your rights before you “call in”.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law created to help you easily balance work and family while protecting your job during your absence. To help you through the process, we’ve created a guide to help you understand FMLA and your rights as an employee.

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  • Am I qualified for FMLA leave?
  • When can I use leave under FMLA?
  • What paperwork am I responsible for when filing for FMLA?
  • Will I get paid while on FMLA?

If you plan on taking a leave of absence due to an upcoming pregnancy, surgery or you need to take care of a sick family member, protect yourself.

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