Are you the victim of workplace discrimination, retaliation, or was your termination unlawful in any way?

Wrongful termination is hard to determine in an at-will state like Florida, but it is common and can be proven. Unlawful termination is any form of discrimination (age, race, sex, religion, and nationality) or retaliation — firing an employee who is expressing a protected right.

Was it illegal for your employer to fire you?

Find out more about what is considered wrongful termination in Tampa and surrounding areas and help build your case. Our ‘Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated’ Ebook can help you:

  • Find out if you’ve been wrongfully terminated
  • Determine required deadlines after being fired
  • Get the facts on sex and age discrimination
  • How to prove wrongful termination
  • Learn more about statutes of limitation

Avoid the risk of forgetting important details and information or missing the statute of limitations for your case.

Learn more about wrongful termination to receive the benefits you’ve rightfully earned.

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