signs you're facing retaliation for taking fmla leave woman holding baby at work sitting at desk

10 Signs You’re Facing Retaliation for Taking FMLA Leave

When you take leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act, it’s safe to assume you’re already under some stress. It can be good stress, like taking time off to be with a new baby. Or it can be difficult, emotional distress, if, for example, you are taking time off to care for a terminally […]

Examples of Workplace Retaliation

Unmasking the Subtle and Blatant: Examples of Workplace Retaliation

Reporting unlawful conduct in the workplace — such as sexual harassment or unsafe working conditions — is critical to making your workplace a safe and productive environment. However, your employer may be less than thrilled to be the subject of inquiries, investigations, or other attention from outside authorities and agencies. These efforts and their subsequent […]

Policy of Non-Retaliation

Guide to Understanding the Policy of Non-Retaliation

Do you want to know what the policy of non-retaliation is? We explain non-retaliation policies in the workplace and discuss the legal protections you have.

False Claims Act Retaliation & Your Rights

False Claims Act Retaliation & Your Rights

Do you need to know more about false claims act retaliation? We discuss false claims act retaliation damages, provisions, statute of limitations, and more.

How to Report an Employer for Unfair Treatment

How to Report an Employer for Unfair Treatment

Whether you face workplace discrimination, retaliation, or another form of unfair treatment, it is crucial to protect your rights as an employee and hold your employer accountable. Discover how to report an employer for unfair treatment and what you will need to help prove your case.

Workplace Laws Your Employer May Be Violating

8 Things Your Boss Can’t Legally Do

As a general rule, you have to listen to your boss. You may disagree with business decisions or management directives, but you have limited options unless they are unlawful or impinge on protected employee rights. But there are things your boss can’t legally do — they are not above the law. Workers across Florida and […]

I Was Demoted Due to Employment Retaliation. Now What?

I Was Demoted Due to Employment Retaliation. Now What?

Employment retaliation can have severe consequences for workers across Florida. Employees may suffer financially, have their careers backtracked, and incur other negative after-effects. If you have been demoted due to activity that is protected under employment laws, that is illegal. You may have an employment retaliation claim against your employer, which would be filed with […]

Pregnancy Rights at Work: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy Rights at Work: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy rights at work protect millions of women in the workforce every year in Florida and across the United States. There are powerful pregnancy laws in place to ensure the rights of women who are pregnant, have been pregnant, or may become pregnant. Do you believe you have been harassed or discriminated against in the […]

Short-Term Disability vs. Sick Leave: What's the Difference?

Short-Term Disability vs. Sick Leave: What’s the Difference?

When the unexpected happens, such as an illness or injury, employees need to understand their options in taking time off work. Knowing the difference between short-term disability vs. sick leave will give you the information you need about your employee rights and help you make the right decision for your situation. About Short-Term Disability and. […]

Retaliation in the Workplace

Retaliation in the Workplace: An Employee’s Guide to Understanding Their Rights in Florida

Retaliation in the workplace can occur at multiple levels and in any industry. From entry-level to supervisory and management positions, employees in technology, healthcare, finance, and many more fields are susceptible to employer retaliation. Retaliation at work can have many consequences. It can interfere with your career trajectory, cause serious financial strain, and inflict unnecessary […]


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