Can You Be Denied Employment for Dismissed Charges? Uncovering the Truth

Can You Be Denied Employment for Dismissed Charges? Uncovering the Truth

When individuals are looking for a new job and have previously been arrested, but the charges were dismissed, they often have many questions. Common ones include: “Can you be denied employment for dismissed charges?” “Can employers ask about dismissed charges?”, and Do background checks show arrests without convictions?”,among others. If you are concerned about dismissed […]

What Is an Adverse Action as Defined by FCRA?

What Is an Adverse Action as Defined by FCRA?

Your consumer credit report can impact several areas in your life, including your ability to obtain credit on favorable terms. Individuals have experienced difficulties in securing a mortgage or a car loan because of negative marks and information on their credit reports. Your credit report can affect other areas of your life beyond your housing […]

Know Your FCRA Rights

Know Your FCRA Rights

Curious to learn more about FCRA law and if you have a case? This blog outlines all that you need to know from the perspective of a FCRA lawyer.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations: What You Need to Know

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations: What You Need to Know

Fair Credit Reporting Act violations affect the lives of job seekers, employees, and their families, and they can cause financial difficulty, career upheaval, and disrupt your overall quality of life. Fortunately, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) offers individual protections backed by the federal government’s power. These protections give job seekers and employees the ability […]

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Employment Law Cases: Why Destroying Evidence Could Destroy Your Case

Many pieces of evidence can potentially be relevant in employment law cases. If you are a plaintiff, one of your primary responsibilities is to make sure relevant pieces of evidence are preserved. You could substantially harm your chances of achieving the desired outcome if you destroy evidence, particularly if you destroy evidence that you think […]

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The PepsiCo FCRA Lawsuit — An Employee Rights Victory

The PepsiCo FCRA lawsuit is a win for employee rights advocates everywhere. This class action lawsuit is an important example of holding companies accountable for violations of the law in their hiring/employment practices. What Happened? A subsidiary of PepsiCo, the global food, and beverage giant, has agreed to pay $1.2 million for violating the Fair […]

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When Should You Lawyer Up? Knowing When to Hire an Employment Lawyer

Do you need to lawyer up? When experiencing workplace retaliation or discrimination, knowing if you need an attorney is not always clear. That is why it is important to understand not only your employee rights but what an employment lawyer does and how they can assist you. Employee rights and the complexities of employment law […]

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6 Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer

When you are searching for the right legal representation, it can be hard to decide who to chose. There are important questions to ask an employment lawyer that will guide you in selecting the best firm for your needs. What to Ask Before Hiring an Employment Lawyer Here are seven critical questions to ask an […]

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What Is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

When making a hiring decision, it’s standard practice for employers to consider the information they’ve received from an employee background check. The information in these reports can be quite sensitive, and under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681) (“FCRA”), employers are required to adhere to stringent employee notification rules to comply with […]

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What the Fair Credit Reporting Act Means for You

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) protects consumers’ and employees’ rights but few people outside of the legal profession understand what it means for them. The FCRA not only stipulates rights about credit reports but it also grants consumers and employees the ability to seek damages if their rights have been violated. Fair Credit Reporting […]


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