Gavel resting next to money and wrongful termination paperwork

How Much Can You Sue for Wrongful Termination? A Breakdown

Florida’s right-to-work laws grant employers the freedom to end the employment of their employees at any moment. They do not have to give any prior notice before doing so, nor do they need to provide a reason as to why they have chosen to sever the employment relationship. Still, despite how that may sound, it […]

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How Often Are Wrongful Termination Cases Won?

Employees who are terminated unlawfully from their positions have legal rights, including the right to compensation. A wrongful termination lawsuit, a legal case that alleges your employer unlawfully discriminated against you in terminating your employment or otherwise violated your legal rights, can help you recover compensation. Like other civil lawsuits, a wrongful termination case can […]

Can an Employer Fire You for Taking Prescribed Medications?

Can an Employer Fire You for Taking Prescribed Medications?

If you are among many Americans who rely on prescription medications to manage a chronic condition, taking your medications at work is likely necessary. However, you may be embarrassed or hesitant to do so and even worry that it could jeopardize your work. Can an employer fire you for taking prescribed medications? If you have […]

Top Labor Law Violations in Florida - and How to Report Them

Top Labor Law Violations in Florida – and How to Report Them

If your employer committed labor law violations, would you recognize it? These violations are much more common than many people think. Employee rights stretch far and wide, with strong protections against many types of actions that employers may take. From issues that directly affect your paycheck to varying civil rights violations, it is vital to […]


Understanding Constructive Dismissal & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Employees across Florida are all too often the subject of constructive dismissal or wrongful termination. Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires you due to circumstances that are a violation of employee rights, including injustices such as age discrimination, race discrimination, and sexual harassment. But what is constructive dismissal? What Is Constructive Dismissal? Constructive dismissal […]

Laid Off vs. Fired: What Is the Difference

Laid Off vs. Fired: What Is the Difference?

When employees lose their jobs, they need to understand the terminology to know their rights and what they should do next. Whether you were laid off, fired, or furloughed, clarifying the definitions can significantly impact your finances, career, and even your family. What Is the Difference Between A Layoff and Being Fired? Employment terminology may […]

Florida Employee Guide

At-will Employment and Wrongful Termination – Florida Employee Guide

Employees often have questions about at-will employment in Florida, such as: “Can you be fired for no reason in Florida?” “Is Florida an at-will employment state?”, or “Can you sue for being fired in an at-will state?” If you’ve recently lost your job due to no fault of your own, it is important to understand […]

how to prove wrongful termination

How Can You Prove Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination can have severe consequences on employees and their families. Employers who violate employment law should be held accountable for their egregious actions. Proving Wrongful Termination The first step in proving a wrongful termination is to determine the circumstances and facts of your firing. Wrongful termination occurs when someone protected by state or federal […]

How to Win a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in Florida

How to Win a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in Florida

If you have recently been fired, you may qualify for a wrongful termination lawsuit in Florida. A wrongful termination lawyer specializes in employee rights and leads as your advocate to seek justice. Understandably, you could be wondering how to win a wrongful termination lawsuit. An experienced employment law attorney leverages legal expertise, skill, and strategy […]

Coronavirus & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Coronavirus & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Have you been fired during the pandemic? You may be able to file a coronavirus wrongful termination lawsuit. Even though Florida is an “at-will” state, which means that employers can fire you for any (legal) reason, you still have protections against unlawful termination during the pandemic. What Employees Need to Know About Coronavirus & Wrongful […]


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