Employee collecting items after learning how long after FMLA you can be fired

Understanding Your Rights: How Long After FMLA Can You Be Fired?

Imagine devoting several years to a company just to be terminated after you take time off work to care for yourself or a loved one. The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) is a federal law meant to protect your job while you take time off for this very reason. The law prohibits employers from […]

Father on paternity leave in Florida holding a baby

Understanding Paternity Leave in Florida

Whether the new addition to your family is your biological child, an adopted child, or a foster child, welcoming a new child into your life is exciting and stressful for both mothers and fathers. Trying to fulfill your work duties while being present and supportive as a father is difficult, but paternity leave can help […]

Leave of Absence Request typed on a piece of paper

Can FMLA Be Extended Beyond 12 Weeks?

Can FMLA be extended beyond 12 weeks? If you are asking yourself this question, it is likely because you have reached the end of the leave granted to you by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and still need additional time. You may be exploring your options and considering whether it is possible to obtain […]

Person leaving the office after being fired because FMLA was denied

Can You Be Fired if FMLA Is Denied?

Life happens. When a personal or family emergency arises, you understandably must put aside work obligations to care for yourself or your loved ones. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees covered employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year from their jobs to care for various medical and familial obligations. However, employees […]

short-term disability and fmla

What is the Difference Between Short-Term Disability and FMLA?

Americans have issues taking days off. In fact, studies show that less than half of workers end up using all their paid vacation time. That’s why it’s surprising that a company might try to keep an employee from unpaid leave – especially when they may be allowed certain absences by law. What’s more, similar to […]

signs you're facing retaliation for taking fmla leave woman holding baby at work sitting at desk

10 Signs You’re Facing Retaliation for Taking FMLA Leave

When you take leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act, it’s safe to assume you’re already under some stress. It can be good stress, like taking time off to be with a new baby. Or it can be difficult, emotional distress, if, for example, you are taking time off to care for a terminally […]

The Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Employee Rights

Are you curious to learn more about the Fair Labor Standards Act? This article discusses FLSA including who is exempt and when to contact an attorney.

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Do you know what rights the FMLA of 1993 protects? If not, read more here and find out what it means to you.

Common Maternity Leave Violations in Pinellas County

Common Maternity Leave Violations in Pinellas County, FL

Employees who go on maternity leave have legal protection against discrimination. They have the right to be treated equally and fairly. There are common maternity leave violations in Pinellas County, Florida, that can cause significant difficulties to family life, careers, and financial stability. When employers decide to break the law, they should be held accountable. […]

Dealing with Discrimination After Maternity Leave

Returning to Work: Dealing with Discrimination After Maternity Leave

The birth of a baby is a celebratory occasion. But unfortunately, when it is time for mothers to return to work, discrimination after maternity leave is a harsh reality for many Florida workers. Maternity leave discrimination negatively affects the lives and careers of mothers throughout Florida — and it is against the law. If you […]


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