Discrimination Cases: 4 Ways an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

Discrimination Cases: 4 Ways an Employment Law Attorney Can Help

Discrimination cases are an effective means to hold employers accountable for violations of employment law. There are key legal actions that can be taken to stop unlawful behavior and provide employees who have been discriminated against remedies which may include compensatory damages, reinstatement to their position if they have been fired, and back pay, among […]

Understanding Your Workplace Rights

Independent Contractors in Florida: Understanding Your Workplace Rights

Independent contractors in Florida can fulfill multiple needs for employers. They may help during peak business times, provide short-term help for special events or promotions, or even serve a primary ongoing role for a particular type of service. Understanding the difference between an employee vs. independent contractor is important to ensure workplace rights are upheld.  […]


Florida Work From Home Laws: What Employment Laws Apply to Remote Workers?

With more employers allowing teleworking since the pandemic, having the proper information about Florida work-from-home laws has become important for an ever-growing segment of the workforce. Many individuals wonder what employment laws apply to remote workers, from technology and finance professionals to business administration and academia. Even if you work from home, you still have […]

Filing a Lawsuit Against an Employer: 5 Steps to Protect Your Workplace Rights

Filing a Lawsuit Against an Employer: 5 Steps to Protect Your Workplace Rights

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against an employer, know you are entitled to certain protections under federal and state law. They are strong, comprehensive, and written to safeguard employee rights against powerful businesses across multiple industries. When employers violate employment laws, there are steps that you can take to support your claim and […]

A Guide to Florida Vacation Time Laws

Are You Owed Vacation Pay? A Guide to Florida Vacation Time Laws

When you want to take time off work, understanding Florida vacation time laws will help you make the right decisions for you and your family. Depending on the circumstances of your employment, what you decide to do may change. It is always recommended to be informed of varying types of employment law to ensure your […]

Can My Employer Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Can My Employer Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, and certainly includes our jobs. “Can employers require COVID testing?” “What are my employee rights regarding the COVID-19 vaccine?” These are two common questions workers ask about COVID and the workplace. It is understandable. Employee rights are far-reaching yet particularly complex during a pandemic. Employers […]

What Happens to PTO When You Quit a Job in Florida?

What Happens to PTO When You Quit a Job in Florida?

When you are getting ready to quit a job, it can be a confusing time. Many employees have lots of questions like: “What happens to PTO when you quit?” “Is my employer required to pay me unused vacation time?” Being prepared with the right information will help you to anticipate your financial situation. Surprises are […]

Check Your Paycheck: The Florida Minimum Wage Increase 2021

Florida Minimum Wage 2021: Check Your Paycheck for An Increase

Good things are happening with the Florida minimum wage this year. Did you know that the Florida minimum wage in 2021 has increased? Employees should always have the latest information on minimum wage in Florida to ensure they are getting paid what they are legally owed under state wage laws. The Changes in Florida Minimum […]

A Curse and a Benefit

Telework- A Curse and a Benefit

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically expanded the meaning of “workplace.” With many more people teleworking than ever before, our living rooms have become offices and, unfortunately, our “workday” is not always well-defined. Teleworking does have many benefits, particularly to help people stay safe and healthy, but it can also be a curse. Even when employees […]

Workplace Laws Your Employer May Be Violating

6 Things Your Boss Can’t Legally Do

As a general rule, you have to listen to your boss. You may disagree with business decisions or management directives but unless they are unlawful or impinge on protected employee rights, you have limited options. But there are things your boss can’t legally do — they are not above the law. Workers across Florida and […]


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