Employer reprimanding employee for discussing pay

Can You Be Fired for Talking About Pay? A Guide

You might have grown up hearing that talking about finances in front of others was rude. However, this does not mean publicly discussing your finances is illegal. Federal law prohibits your employer from disciplining or firing you for discussing your pay and benefits with your coworkers. The National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) protects your right […]

Employer holding a miniature clock above wooden figures representing employees

Can You Sue Your Employer for Cutting Your Hours? A Guide

Employees rely on getting a certain number of hours at work. When those hours are cut, it can be very problematic. But can you sue your employer for cutting your hours? The short answer is: that depends. In certain situations, your employer could be following the law. In other situations, it could be illegal. Depending […]

Confidential information being handed from one person to the other

Can I Sue My Employer for Disclosing My Personal Information?

We hold our personal information close and have certain rights to keep it private. The right to privacy in the workplace is a genuine concern for many employees. If your employer discloses your personal information, you may entitled to legal relief to hold them accountable. This article will discuss your legal rights in Florida and […]

Can I Sue My Employer for Not Reporting My Injury?

Understanding Your Rights: Can I Sue My Employer for Not Reporting My Injury?

“Can I sue my employer for not reporting my injury?” You may be left wondering this very thing if you have become injured or ill while on the job and are now struggling to get the benefits you need. Whether your employer has failed to notify its workers’ compensation insurer because of a careless oversight […]

Requirements for Workers' Compensation in Florida

Florida Workers’ Compensation Requirements

Workers’ compensation is provided by a majority of companies across the state. However, there are specific eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation in Florida and the available benefits they can receive. Florida workers’ compensation lawsare in place to provide much-needed benefits, although the process of getting them can be complex. All necessary documents must be accurate […]

Business Relationships

What Happens If You Violate a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

What happens if you break a non-disclosure agreement? If breaking a non-disclosure agreement is proven, there can be severe consequences in some cases. This may include either civil penalties or even criminal penalties. Either of these could significantly impact your life, including risking your financial future and freedom. A lawyer can help you in multiple ways. They […]

What Types of Employment Contracts Are There

What Types of Employment Contracts Are There?

Employment contracts are commonly used to define and outline the working relationship between companies and employees. When considering an employee agreement vs. a contract, they are similar. However, employee agreements often have further detailed employer and employee rights verbiage. So, what types of employment contracts are there? Various contracts are available to use depending on […]

What Is a Pre-Adverse Action Notice

What Is a Pre-Adverse Action Notice?

Can You Still Get Hired After a Pre-Adverse Action Letter? Receiving a pre-adverse action letter may seem like a death knell for your chances of working for that particular employer. It is easy to feel that by sending the notice, the employer has already written you off as a potential candidate and is committed to […]

How to Dispute a Failed Background Check

Process for Disputing a Failed Background Check

Negative information on a background report or credit check can sink your opportunity to land your dream job. As a result, employers routinely request that job applicants consent to one or more screening reports, especially if the job involves a position of trust or access to sensitive information. When damaging information surfaces, the employer may […]

Contingency in Florida

Guide to Employment Attorneys Working on Contingency in Florida

Finding the right attorney may feel like a daunting task. It does not have to be. Are you looking for an employment attorney working on contingency? This guide will give you comprehensive information to help you decide your legal representation when dealing with an employee rights violation. Many people will use lawyers working on contingency […]


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