Employer holding a paycheck at his desk

How Long Can an Employer Hold Your Paycheck After Termination? A Guide

When your employer has decided that your time with the company is over, you might find yourself let go without a moment’s notice—and without a final paycheck in hand. You may also wonder how long the employer has to pay you before withholding such a paycheck becomes unlawful. It is important to note that no […]

Person leaving a tip in a tip jar

Can My Boss Take My Tips? The Laws of Tip Ownership

If you work in the service industry in the United States, there are several reasons why you might be motivated to provide guests and customers with exceptional service. For some workers, the possibility of receiving monetary tips is an extra benefit of performing well. For other employees, receiving tips is a matter of meeting their […]

Two lawyers shaking hands after negotiating a settlement

How Do Lawyers Negotiate Settlements? Guide To Settlement Negotiations.

Settlement negotiation is critical to the outcome of a legal dispute. When lawyers are skilled in the art and strategy of negotiating settlements, individuals who have had their rights violated or have been injured at work are in a strong position to get justice – and compensation. If you believe you may have a case […]

Can an Employer Take Away Hours You’ve Already Worked?

Can an employer take away hours already worked? The short answer is no. Federal and state laws protect Florida workers from a wide range of unfair employment practices. Among these, laws are in place to protect employees from having their timesheets falsified or having an employer refuse to pay wages for hours already worked. Unfortunately, […]

Gavel resting on top of money from a legal settlement

How Long Does a Settlement Take Overall?

Settlements offer a pivotal alternative to drawn-out court proceedings, providing a pathway to resolve many legal disputes without entering the courtroom. This approach helps avoid the lengthy lawsuits and prolonged, divisive battles often associated with litigation. For anyone preparing for a legal case, understanding the duration and process of a settlement is essential. The timeline […]

Employee sliding a digital time card to clock in for work

Can I Sue My Employer for Changing My Time Card?

Employees deserve to be paid accurately for their hours worked, so unauthorized time card changes can be not only upsetting but potentially illegal. If you have been wondering, “Can I sue my employer for changing my time card?” The possibility of suing hinges on specific circumstances. In this guide, we will explore the legalities of […]

Workers' Compensation Retaliation

What Is Workers’ Compensation Retaliation?

Are you struggling with workers’ compensation retaliation? We help by discussing signs of retaliation, settlement amounts, and how to win a claim.

Statute of Limitations for Unpaid Wages in Florida

Statute of Limitations for Unpaid Wages

Have you wondered if you can sue a former employer for slander? We discuss the answer, the legal implications, and how to get connected with an attorney.

My Employer Didn’t Pay Me

My Employer Didn’t Pay Me – What Can I Do?

Are you stuck wondering “My Employer didn’t pay me. What can I do?” This article answers common payment questions and details when to find an attorney.

What Is Your Unpaid Wage Claim in Florida Worth?

What Is Your Unpaid Wage Claim in Florida Worth?

Are you looking to file an unpaid wages claim in Florida? This article discusses what an unpaid wages claim is and how to proceed with the process.


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