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  • Extended Holiday Hours Doesn’t Mean Overtime Pay

    Extended Holiday Hours Doesn’t Mean Overtime Pay

    Confused about the subject of overtime and holiday pay? Getting paid what you are legally owed is important to all workers — and having the right information about this area of employee rights will help give you the clarity you need to make the right legal decisions. Retailers from Wal-Mart and Target all the way…

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  • Naughty or Nice List

    Naughty or Nice List

    How FLSA Violations Will Be Shared on Social Media We’re a group of labor employment lawyers. We can give you our very best advice, and vigorously represent your interests in a labor or employment dispute with your employer. However, we are not app-creators. That being said, we can’t resist commenting on a challenge issued by…

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  • Intern or Employee?

    Intern or Employee?

    How Misclassification Can Lead to Unpaid Wages Intern programs are an attractive entry-point to gain work experience. Many students and people who have difficulty landing a position in their chosen field are eager to “get their foot in the door.” Some trade pay for experience, agreeing to work for no pay or below minimum wage.…

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  • Not Receiving Overtime Pay?

    Not Receiving Overtime Pay?

    Why Long Hours Aren’t Being Paid in Computer-Related Jobs Often required to work long hours, eligible employees in IT departments, computer “help desks” and other computer-related jobs often fall victim to unpaid overtime and wages, violating the Federal Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The reason? It’s as simple as misclassification of job title and duties on…

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  • Are You Paid Fair Wages and Overtime?

    Are You Paid Fair Wages and Overtime?

    How Working “Off the Clock” Can Leave Call Center Employees Underpaid Call centers are notorious for not paying fair wages and overtime. Employees often fall victim because they’re unaware of their rights. Working Without Compensation Employers responsible for operating call centers often require their employees to work “off the clock” without compensating them for their…

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  • Made It To America? You Deserve To Be Paid!

    Made It To America? You Deserve To Be Paid!

    Undocumented Workers Are Entitled to Protection Under The Fair Labor Standards Act On March 6, 2013, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over Florida, Georgia and Alabama, ruled that an undocumented employee may seek relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act (commonly referred to as the “FLSA”) for wages and overtime compensation…

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  • The Best Way To Ensure Overtime Pay

    The Best Way To Ensure Overtime Pay

    Become Your Own Record Keeper Wage and hour laws at the State, Federal, and Local levels impose an obligation on your employer to keep records of time worked and wages paid to employees. Your paystub should include most, if not all, of this information. Unpaid Overtime Can Go Unnoticed If You Don’t Check Your Paystub…

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  • New Legislation for Underpaid Women

    New Legislation for Underpaid Women

    The Equal Pay Act Comes of Age June 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, which provides that men and women must be paid the same wage for the same work. Since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law women’s earnings have increased from 59 cents on the dollar earned…

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  • Can I Sue My Employer for Not Paying Me Overtime? What You Need to Know

    Can I Sue My Employer for Not Paying Me Overtime? What You Need to Know

    The short answer is: YES. Don’t work for free for another second. If you are not being paid for overtime by your employer it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights, and to ensure you recover the hard-earned money your employer might be withholding from you. Every day you wait…

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  • Top 10 Reasons You May Not Be Paid for Overtime

    Top 10 Reasons You May Not Be Paid for Overtime

    With the ever-growing necessity of technology, a weak economy and a poor job market, employees have found themselves more accessible, working more hours and receiving less pay. Due to this current trend, there has been a surge in Labor Law claims at the federal and state level with employees seeking wages earned for long hours…

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