Experiencing workplace harassment? So are many employed Floridians.

Florida Workplace Harassment Statistics
Have you experienced workplace harassment or discrimination? Or maybe know someone who has? Well, according to The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, if you work in Florida the chances of you experiencing harassment and discrimination in the workplace are pretty good.

Did you know that Florida currently ranks No.2 in the nation in workplace harassment and discrimination charges – making up about 8 percent of the total charges filed in the U.S. in 2013? Here’s how it breaks down.

experiencing workplace harassment and discrimination

What are the signs of workplace harassment and discrimination?

So, why are the numbers so high? One underlying reason is employee awareness. Many more employees are taking the time to understand what their rights are and proactive in responding. However, employers still need to take steps to ensure their employees aren’t harassed while on the job.

If you’re not sure
what is considered harassment or discrimination in the workplace, here are some warning signs.


  • If you’ve been called names and are constantly criticized in front of other employees.
  • If you’ve aren’t invited to meetings or lunches you typically would attend
  • If you feel anxious or nervous, especially to the point of being physically ill, before going to work.
  • If you’re schedule seems to constantly change and clearly conflicts with your days off.



What should you do if you are being harassed and bullied at work?

Are you wondering what you should do if you think you’re being bullied? Our best advice is to speak to Human Resources or your Supervisor. If they’re unable to resolve the issue, make sure you’re protected.

  • Document the harassment, specifying persons involved, dates, times, witnesses and form of harassment.
  • Document who you’ve spoken to. If you’ve discussed the issue with management and/or Human Resources, make a note of the conversation, when it happened and who was involved.
  • Contact an attorney.

If you’re being bullied or harassed, it’s important to have someone on your side who can get to the core of the problem and resolve the issue. At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we’ve helped protect employees from harassment and helped them feel confident and secure about their future. And we can do the same for you.

Don’t let another day of harassment go by. Contact us today and we’ll schedule your free consultation.

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