filing a florida unemployment claim

A Self-Help Guide to File for Unemployment in Florida

Need to know how to file for unemployment in Florida or have questions about your claim? Our guide can assist you through the unemployment claim process.

how to calculate severance pay

Severance Pay Calculator: How to Calculate Severance Pay in Florida After Losing Your Job

Severance pay is often offered to employees across the state of Florida when they are forced to leave a job. Many employees are unclear how to calculate severance pay, though, so it is hard to know if what the employer is offering is fair and appropriate. Even though there is no Florida law requiring severance […]

what does an employment lawyer do

When Should You Lawyer Up? Knowing When to Hire an Employment Lawyer

Do you need to lawyer up? When experiencing workplace retaliation or discrimination, knowing if you need an attorney is not always clear. That is why it is important to understand not only your employee rights but what an employment lawyer does and how they can assist you. Employee rights and the complexities of employment law […]

how COBRA insurance works in Florida

Lose Your Job? How COBRA Insurance Works In Florida

If you recently lost your job, chances are you have questions about health insurance. Fortunately, if you voluntarily resigned, were laid off, or were terminated from your job for any reason other than “gross misconduct,” you may still be able to retain your health insurance through COBRA coverage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) […]

how to prepare for unemployment benefits appeal hearings

How to Prepare for Unemployment Benefits Appeal Hearings

If you’ve been denied unemployment benefits by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), you may want to consider appealing their decision. Before doing so, however, you need to make sure that you weren’t denied unemployment benefits for any of the following reasons: You didn’t file in time —You must have earned wages in at […]

Man explaining something to a woman in a professional setting

Wrongful Termination And Unemployment Benefits: What You Need To Know

Can You Collect Unemployment If You Get Fired? When employees get fired, it can be a confusing time. Unemployment benefits are there to provide financial assistance to those who qualify, but can you collect unemployment if you get fired? The short answer is: it depends on the circumstances. Since Florida is an “at-will” state, employers […]

florida reemployment assistance program

What Is the Florida Reemployment Assistance Program?

In 2012, Florida became the first state to rebrand its Unemployment Compensation Benefits Program as the Reemployment Assistance Program. And with it (in 2011) came a more stringent unemployment compensation policy: the number of weeks claimants could collect benefits was reduced, they were required to complete a research skills test, and they had to file […]

florida unemployment benefits questions

Top 10 Florida Unemployment Questions Answered

If you’ve been let go from your job through no fault of your own, you probably have a lot of questions regarding unemployment compensation. Florida has its own rules regarding who is eligible, benefit amounts, and prior earnings requirements. If you meet the state’s requirements and are available, able, and actively looking for a new […]

denied unemployment benefits in florida after being fired

5 Reasons You May Be Denied Unemployment Benefits in Florida

If you’ve recently lost your job, there are several reasons you may be denied unemployment benefits in Florida. Most of them can be tied to employee misconduct, but it’s important to know that many eligible Florida residents can be denied unemployment benefits for a number of other reasons and sometimes through no fault of their […]

Unemployment Claims

Unemployment Benefits in Florida: Learn How To Survive Losing Your Job

What are some things I can do to survive job loss? Did you lose your job? Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for your bills, rent, and even groceries? We can help. Losing your job can be a traumatic experience. And while dealing with the shock, you probably want to know what are […]


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