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  • Recovering from Wrongful Termination

    Recovering from Wrongful Termination

    What to Do If You’ve Lost Your Job With the uncertainty of the job market and mounting financial responsibilities, we often concern ourselves with the thought of what would occur if we lost our job. We go to work every day. Work hard. Put in the time needed to ensure we have a successful future.…

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  • The Best Way To Ensure Overtime Pay

    The Best Way To Ensure Overtime Pay

    Become Your Own Record Keeper Wage and hour laws at the State, Federal, and Local levels impose an obligation on your employer to keep records of time worked and wages paid to employees. Your paystub should include most, if not all, of this information. Unpaid Overtime Can Go Unnoticed If You Don’t Check Your Paystub…

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  • Top 10 Reasons You May Not Be Paid for Overtime

    Top 10 Reasons You May Not Be Paid for Overtime

    With the ever-growing necessity of technology, a weak economy and a poor job market, employees have found themselves more accessible, working more hours and receiving less pay. Due to this current trend, there has been a surge in Labor Law claims at the federal and state level with employees seeking wages earned for long hours…

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