Employee collecting items after learning how long after FMLA you can be fired

Understanding Your Rights: How Long After FMLA Can You Be Fired?

Imagine devoting several years to a company just to be terminated after you take time off work to care for yourself or a loved one. The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) is a federal law meant to protect your job while you take time off for this very reason. The law prohibits employers from […]

Race Discrimination Lawsuit: Do I Have A Case?

Race Discrimination Lawsuit: Do I Have A Case?

Discrimination based on race is illegal in the workplace. Employees have strong legal protections that employers must abide by — or be held accountable for law violations. Florida employees, and workers across the country, can file a race discrimination lawsuit with an employment law attorney against their employer if they have a case. What Is […]

3 Things You Need to Prove Your Employment Discrimination Case

Employment Discrimination: 4 Things You Need to Prove Your Case

Sadly, employment discrimination is all too common. In our years of experience, we have seen plenty of hardworking people get mistreated by employers they trusted. If that is happening to you, it’s important to understand what’s needed to prove employment discrimination cases. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Courts won’t just take your […]

Learn How to Prove Disability Discrimination

How to Prove Disability Discrimination

Do you need to know how to prove disability discrimination? We can help. We discuss the disability discrimination act and how to prove unfair treatment.


A Guide to Florida Minimum Wage

(Content updated 11/2023) Employees across the State of Florida deserve fair pay — and many employers are bound by law to pay at least the Florida minimum wage to their workers. It is widely known that the U.S. has a federal minimum wage standard, which has been stagnant at $7.25 per hour since 2009. But […]


Exempt or Non-Exempt: What You Need to Know About the Misclassification of Non-Exempt Employees

Misclassification of non-exempt employees is a common problem in the workplace. Employers may either “inflate” your job title, make a mistake, or intentionally misclassify you, so they do not have to pay you overtime to save money on their bottom line. Fortunately, federal law protects employees against this practice. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) […]

Workplace Laws Your Employer May Be Violating

8 Things Your Boss Can’t Legally Do

As a general rule, you have to listen to your boss. You may disagree with business decisions or management directives, but you have limited options unless they are unlawful or impinge on protected employee rights. But there are things your boss can’t legally do — they are not above the law. Workers across Florida and […]

Understanding Religious Accomodations in the Workplace

Religious Accommodations in the Workplace

Employees have a right to religious accommodations in the workplace under federal law. Understanding your religious rights at work is key to knowing whether you may be facing religious discrimination. It is not uncommon for employers to refuse religious accommodations in the workplace. If this has happened to you, or if you have been disparately […]

Dealing with Discrimination After Maternity Leave

Returning to Work: Dealing with Discrimination After Maternity Leave

The birth of a baby is a celebratory occasion. But unfortunately, when it is time for mothers to return to work, discrimination after maternity leave is a harsh reality for many Florida workers. Maternity leave discrimination negatively affects the lives and careers of mothers throughout Florida — and it is against the law. If you […]

I Was Demoted Due to Employment Retaliation. Now What?

I Was Demoted Due to Employment Retaliation. Now What?

Employment retaliation can have severe consequences for workers across Florida. Employees may suffer financially, have their careers backtracked, and incur other negative after-effects. If you have been demoted due to activity that is protected under employment laws, that is illegal. You may have an employment retaliation claim against your employer, which would be filed with […]


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