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Can You Sue Your Employer for Cutting Your Hours? A Guide

Employees rely on getting a certain number of hours at work. When those hours are cut, it can be very problematic. But can you sue your employer for cutting your hours? The short answer is: that depends. In certain situations, your employer could be following the law. In other situations, it could be illegal. Depending […]

Two lawyers shaking hands after negotiating a settlement

How Do Lawyers Negotiate Settlements? Guide To Settlement Negotiations.

Settlement negotiation is critical to the outcome of a legal dispute. When lawyers are skilled in the art and strategy of negotiating settlements, individuals who have had their rights violated or have been injured at work are in a strong position to get justice – and compensation. If you believe you may have a case […]

Can an Employer Take Away Hours You’ve Already Worked?

Can an employer take away hours already worked? The short answer is no. Federal and state laws protect Florida workers from a wide range of unfair employment practices. Among these, laws are in place to protect employees from having their timesheets falsified or having an employer refuse to pay wages for hours already worked. Unfortunately, […]

Confidential information being handed from one person to the other

Can I Sue My Employer for Disclosing My Personal Information?

We hold our personal information close and have certain rights to keep it private. The right to privacy in the workplace is a genuine concern for many employees. If your employer discloses your personal information, you may entitled to legal relief to hold them accountable. This article will discuss your legal rights in Florida and […]

Woman upset at her desk after being denied time off

Can an Employer Deny You Unpaid Time Off?

State laws differ when it comes to unpaid time off for employees. Frequent requests for unpaid time off can interfere with an employer’s business. But whether you are heading off for a family vacation or need to attend a child’s school event, it can be deeply frustrating to have a boss deny your request for […]

Gavel resting on top of money from a legal settlement

How Long Does a Settlement Take Overall?

Settlements offer a pivotal alternative to drawn-out court proceedings, providing a pathway to resolve many legal disputes without entering the courtroom. This approach helps avoid the lengthy lawsuits and prolonged, divisive battles often associated with litigation. For anyone preparing for a legal case, understanding the duration and process of a settlement is essential. The timeline […]

Employee sliding a digital time card to clock in for work

Can I Sue My Employer for Changing My Time Card?

Employees deserve to be paid accurately for their hours worked, so unauthorized time card changes can be not only upsetting but potentially illegal. If you have been wondering, “Can I sue my employer for changing my time card?” The possibility of suing hinges on specific circumstances. In this guide, we will explore the legalities of […]

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How Much Can You Sue Your Employer for Misclassification?

You deserve to be paid a fair wage for the time and effort you devote to your work. Your employer, however, may not agree. Whether through deliberate scheming or ignorance of the law, your employer may attempt to skirt their obligations to pay you the wages and benefits you deserve by misclassifying you. Misclassifying employees […]

Can You Sue for ADA Violations?

Can You Sue for ADA Violations?

Remarkable progress has been made in recent decades to make businesses and public forums accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. Nonetheless, individuals with disabilities may continue to experience trouble accessing these locations or participating fully in activities that take place there. When this occurs, individuals with disabilities and their loved ones may feel left out, […]

Can You Be Denied Employment for Dismissed Charges? Uncovering the Truth

Can You Be Denied Employment for Dismissed Charges? Uncovering the Truth

When individuals are looking for a new job and have previously been arrested, but the charges were dismissed, they often have many questions. Common ones include: “Can you be denied employment for dismissed charges?” “Can employers ask about dismissed charges?”, and Do background checks show arrests without convictions?”,among others. If you are concerned about dismissed […]


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