The Fight for Employee Rights: IBM Sued for Age Discrimination

ibm age discrimination case 2018
Age discrimination occurs all too often across Florida and the United States. However, employees are seeking justice for these unlawful acts — holding employers accountable for their actions — from small businesses all the way up to large corporations.

The technology giant IBM is being sued for alleged age discrimination in a recent filing of a class action lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan. The suit was filed on behalf of three former IBM employees. The complaint in the lawsuit claims that the company discriminated against them due to their age when it fired the individuals.

The Lawsuit: Background & Details

Prior to the filing of the age discrimination lawsuit, an exhaustive report was published by ProPublica — a nonprofit newsroom based in New York City that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. In the report published in March of this year, the publishing outlet said that IBM had fired, over the last six years, more than 20,000 employees older than forty. The report made the case that this firing of older workers was executed systematically, which could equate to age discrimination.

In an additional effort surrounding IBM’s firing practices, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has combined numerous complaints against the tech corporation into one targeted investigation.

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Age Discrimination: Legal Protections

Federal law prohibits most employers from discriminating against job applicants and employees on the basis of age. The law that covers most employees 40 years of age and older is titled the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

Employee rights attorneys work hard each day to protect the rights of workers, utilizing the ADEA and other laws against discrimination to seek justice and protect workers from unlawful acts. Age discrimination can occur in:

  • Hiring — including interviewing, job postings, and more
  • Training — including access to important company training and development needed for promotions
  • Benefits and Compensation — including raises, health insurance, and bonuses
  • Promotion — when other less experienced employees get promoted instead of an older worker
  • Firing and Layoffs — getting targeted to be released from your position specifically because of your age

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Employee Rights Lawyers Fight for Justice Against Age Discrimination

Workers of all ages have certain rights and should not have to deal with the damages that age discrimination can do to careers, financial health, and personal well-being. Employee rights lawyers help workers just like the former IBM employees every day. They know the complexities of the ADEA and work within the court system to hold employers accountable.

The outcome of the IBM class action suit is not yet known, but a finding for the plaintiffs of the lawsuit could potentially bring its former employees hundreds of millions of dollars.

Do you feel like you may have been discriminated against because of your age? Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. brings deep expertise and experience, helping people just like you work with the complex laws against age discrimination — bringing careers back on track, pursuing potential monetary damages, and stopping unlawful practices in the workplace.

Contact us today to set up a free confidential consultation.

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