What Is a Pre-Adverse Action Notice

What Is a Pre-Adverse Action Notice?

Can You Still Get Hired After a Pre-Adverse Action Letter? Receiving a pre-adverse action letter may seem like a death knell for your chances of working for that particular employer. It is easy to feel that by sending the notice, the employer has already written you off as a potential candidate and is committed to […]

How to Dispute a Failed Background Check

Process for Disputing a Failed Background Check

Negative information on a background report or credit check can sink your opportunity to land your dream job. As a result, employers routinely request that job applicants consent to one or more screening reports, especially if the job involves a position of trust or access to sensitive information. When damaging information surfaces, the employer may […]

Contingency in Florida

Guide to Employment Attorneys Working on Contingency in Florida

Finding the right attorney may feel like a daunting task. It does not have to be. Are you looking for an employment attorney working on contingency? This guide will give you comprehensive information to help you decide your legal representation when dealing with an employee rights violation. Many people will use lawyers working on contingency […]

What Is an Adverse Action as Defined by FCRA?

What Is an Adverse Action as Defined by FCRA?

Your consumer credit report can impact several areas in your life, including your ability to obtain credit on favorable terms. Individuals have experienced difficulties in securing a mortgage or a car loan because of negative marks and information on their credit reports. Your credit report can affect other areas of your life beyond your housing […]

do companies have to pay severance pay in Florida

Do Companies Have to Pay Severance?

If you face termination from your job or will soon leave your employer for personal or other reasons, you may be nervous about your finances. Severance pay could provide much-needed financial breathing room, but do companies have to pay severance? When available, severance pay can help you pay your bills and other expenses while transitioning […]

Policy of Non-Retaliation

Guide to Understanding the Policy of Non-Retaliation

Do you want to know what the policy of non-retaliation is? We explain non-retaliation policies in the workplace and discuss the legal protections you have.

Guide to Reporting HIPAA Violations

Guide to Reporting HIPAA Violations

Do you need to know how to report a HIPAA violation? We discuss what composes a HIPAA violation, if you can sue, and when to consult with an attorney.

Protected Concerted Activities for Non-Union Employees

Guide to Protected Concerted Activities for Non-Union Employees

There are certain protected concerted activities for non-union employees under Florida and U.S. law. We discuss the NLRA, protected activities, and more.

Workers' Compensation Retaliation

What Is Workers’ Compensation Retaliation?

Are you struggling with workers’ compensation retaliation? We help by discussing signs of retaliation, settlement amounts, and how to win a claim.

Medical Information

What Medical Information Can My Employer Request?

Have you wondered if you can sue a former employer for slander? We discuss the answer, the legal implications, and how to get connected with an attorney.


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