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What is Retaliation in the Workplace?

There are times when you know you have to take a stand – when you have to do something because it’s right. It’s disheartening when people do the right thing and are not rewarded. Instead, they are maligned, harassed, or even fired. If you have recently taken a stand involving your employer and feel you’ve […]

When to Hire a Workplace Retaliation Attorney

When to Hire a Workplace Retaliation Attorney

Most of us want to do the right thing. Sometimes it works in our favor. Sometimes it doesn’t. If you “did the right thing” by reporting employment discrimination and now your employer is retaliating against you for your actions, you’re in a difficult spot. Most people need their jobs and the threat of losing them […]

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OSHA New Rule Improves Reporting Retaliation after Workplace Injury

Updated OSHA Rule Encourages Employee Workplace Injury Reporting A new U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule will take effect November 1, 2016. The new OSHA rule encourages employees, and under certain circumstances, requires employers to report workplace injuries, and it also makes it clear that employers cannot threaten drug tests as a […]

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Workers’ Compensation in Florida May Soon Increase after NCCI Proposal

The landscape has shifted for workers’ compensation in Florida. According to Insurance Journal, after a Florida Supreme Court ruling, “the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) filed a 17.1 percent rate increase with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) for all new, renewal and additional policies in effect on a “pro-rata” basis.” A limit […]

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Changes to EEOC Reform Act Proposed for Federal Contractors and Private Employees

Will the EEOC Reform Act protect more employees from wage discrimination? A Senate bill was introduced in March to amend the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Reform Act. The EEOC Reform Act was first introduced in an attempt to collect pay data from employers and reduce the occurrence of wage inequalities and unlawful discrimination. In light […]

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Things You Need to Know If You’ve Experienced Retaliation for Whistleblowing

Were you fired for telling the truth? If your employer is doing something that is considered illegal and you report it, then your rights may be protected under federal and state whistleblower laws. There is legislation in place to protect whistleblowers. While each statute differs and is very specific as to what will be considered […]

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EEOC Proposes Extensive Guidance Measures on Retaliation Issues

In response to the growing number of cases, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proposed enforcement guidance on retaliation and related issues in the workplace. The EEOC offered the document to the public for comment and review. A copy of the proposed guidance is available for download and comment on the EEOC website until February […]

whistleblower retaliation in florida

Florida Whistleblower Laws & Workplace Retaliation – You Have Rights!

Do You Know Your Employee Rights? Whistleblowing is a common theme in Hollywood. While it makes a thrilling story to see the struggle between an employee doing what’s right and an underhanded company, there’s really nothing amusing about retaliatory action against an employee for blowing the whistle on the illegal or dangerous actions of his […]

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Will a Recent Ruling in NJ Effect Whistleblowers Elsewhere?

New Jersey Whistleblower Case Not Protected by State Law Whistleblowers — individuals who report mismanagement, unethical practices, and/or violations of law — are generally protected from retaliation and negative employment actions. However, this is not the situation with a recent case in New Jersey. Will this case effect similar dilemmas in other states and set […]

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The One Thing You Don’t Want to Do in a Whistle Blower Case

NSA Caught Destroying Evidence in a Whistleblower Case Destroying evidence in an on-going investigation is against the law, but when the National Security Administration (NSA) destroys it as part of a whistleblower case against the NSA, that’s — what can we say? — extremely inadvisable. The Story of an NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake was a […]


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