Top Labor Law Violations in Florida - and How to Report Them

Top Labor Law Violations in Florida – and How to Report Them

If your employer committed labor law violations, would you recognize it? These violations are much more common than many people think. Employee rights stretch far and wide, with strong protections against many types of actions that employers may take. From issues that directly affect your paycheck to varying civil rights violations, it is vital to […]


Understanding Constructive Dismissal & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Employees across Florida are all too often the subject of constructive dismissal or wrongful termination. Wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires you due to circumstances that are a violation of employee rights, including injustices such as age discrimination, race discrimination, and sexual harassment. But what is constructive dismissal? What Is Constructive Dismissal? Constructive dismissal […]

Boss handing employee money because of Florida overtime laws

Overtime and Tips: How Do Florida Overtime Laws Work?

The qualifications and calculations for overtime in Florida can be confusing for many workers in the state, including overtime pay for tipped employees. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a key employment law with detailed language to protect employees and guarantee payment of wages for all the hours an employee is rightfully due, […]

Fired During the Pandemic Without Warning? Why You May NOT Have a Case

Fired During the Pandemic Without Warning? Why You May NOT Have a Case

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for employers and employees alike. Employers have needed to make tough decisions, and many workers have lost their jobs. Were you fired during the pandemic without warning? Employees have many rights in the workplace, but due to the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, you may not have a case […]

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace & The Impact on LGBTQ Employees

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace & The Impact on LGBTQ Employees

Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace has been occurring for decades, affecting the careers and lives of LGBTQ employees in many ways. Even as society is changing and advancing its views on equality for all people, LGBTQ discrimination persists. What Is Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace? Sexual orientation in the workplace refers to an […]

Can I be fired for refusing to go back to work during coronavirus pandemic

Can I Be Fired For Refusing to Go Back to Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The Coronavirus has presented workers with unprecedented challenges. Health and safety are first and foremost on all our minds. Making that decision to go back to work – or not – is very difficult. Are you afraid of getting fired for refusing to go back to work during the Coronavirus pandemic? Do you have questions […]

Woman working in the office on the computer with a mask on

Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Workplace, and Employee Rights

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic continues to increase around the world, employees everywhere are rightfully concerned about how it affects the workplace. The health and safety risk to workers is at an unprecedented level. Dynamics around workers’ rights and legal issues are complex, and many questions have been raised about what the pandemic of […]

how to calculate severance pay

Severance Pay Calculator: How to Calculate Severance Pay in Florida After Losing Your Job

Severance pay is often offered to employees across the state of Florida when they are forced to leave a job. Many employees are unclear how to calculate severance pay, though, so it is hard to know if what the employer is offering is fair and appropriate. Even though there is no Florida law requiring severance […]

severance pay florida

Florida Severance Pay FAQs for Employees

If you are about to leave your job because you are getting laid off or for other reasons not related to your performance, you need to be well prepared and well informed. While severance pay in Florida is not required by law, your employer may offer you a package with a personalized employment separation agreement. […]

when can you sue your employer for wrongful termination in florida

When Can You Sue for Wrongful Termination in Florida?

Florida employees have legal protections against wrongful termination. Since Florida is an “at-will” state, meaning employers can fire you for any reason (that is not against the law) — it can be confusing to know when you can sue for wrongful termination. Do you need an attorney? Getting the basic information about what classifies as […]


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