TCPA Violations: 3 Benefits of Hiring a TCPA Lawyer

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More than a billion robocalls happen every day in the United States. A significant amount of these robocalls are against the law, including the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). That is where a consumer law attorney comes in: protecting you and your rights against abuse and harassment that violate the law.

Here are three benefits of hiring a TCPA lawyer:

1. Stops Harassing, Unlawful Calls & Voicemails

TCPA violations are a very serious matter. A TCPA lawyer tackles these unlawful calls and voicemails aggressively to stop them in their tracks. But it is important to know what types of calls violate the TCPA. Here are some basic TCPA guidelines:

benefits of hiring a tcpa lawyer in florida

  • The TCPA prohibits solicitors including mortgage loan companies, student loan companies, and other debt collectors from calling cell phones or U.S. households before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., local time;
  • The TCPA prohibits solicitors from calling cell phones or U.S. households using an artificial voice or a recording without consent;
  • The TCPA requires solicitors to maintain a company-specific “Do-Not-Call” (DNC) list – and honor the National Do Not Call Registry
  • The TCPA requires solicitors to provide their name, the name of the entity or person on whose behalf the call is being made, as well as a telephone number or address where that entity or person may be contacted

Have any of these TCPA violations happened to you? It is not uncommon for mega-corporations and other types of harassing bullies to go against TCPA rules. If you are ready for those harassing unlawful calls and voicemails to stop, contact TCPA attorney today.


2. Stops Harassing, Unlawful Text Messages / Junk Faxes

hiring a tcpa lawyer in florida regarding unlawful text messages

Did you know that TCPA regulations also include text messages? If your mobile phone has been bombarded by text messages, a TCPA lawyer can help. The TCPA has the same rules for text messages as it has for calls, so if a debt collector or other type of solicitors have been texting you after 9 pm or before 8 am local time, they are violating the law.

It is also part of TCPA law that you need to give consent prior to receiving text messages which can be done through electronic or digital forms of signature/consent including opt-in through email, text message, website form, or even a voice recording. If you didn’t give consent to receive SMS-oriented contact, they are also violating the law.

The TCPA also prohibits “junk faxes” under the same scenarios.


3. Fights for Your Rights to Significant Compensation for TCPA Violations

tcpa lawyers in florida help with compensation recovery

As mentioned above, federal law treats violations to TCPA law are a serious matter with equally serious penalties. As a consumer, you may be entitled to significant compensation when a debt collector/solicitor operates their business against federal law.

You may be entitled to:

  • A minimum of $500 per call
  • Up to $1500 per call if you have explicitly told the company to stop calling, and they continue to do so anyway

The TCPA can cover violations for each unwanted call you have received in the last four years. That has the potential to add up to significant compensation. It is important to note that the more documentation you have, the better. But it is not necessary. We can subpoena phone records. If you do have more detailed information like who you talked to and what you talked about, this can help us prove your case.


Call an Expert TCPA Lawyer Today

Many debt collectors and solicitors break TCPA law because they think they can get away with it. Often, they do. But you do not have to put up with the abuse and harassment when these companies violate TCPA regulations. Take your life (and phone) back and take advantage of the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your TCPA case.

At Wenzel, Fenton, Cabassa P.A., our attorneys are here to help. We are expert TCPA lawyers that fight aggressively to seek justice and hold companies accountable for breaking the law.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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