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Unemployment Benefits in Florida: Learn How To Survive Losing Your Job

What to Expect from Your FLorida Unemployment Benefits So, you qualify for unemployment. What’s next? You’ve probably got some questions regarding your benefits. Let’s see if we can help answer them. How long will my benefits last? Typically, benefits last up to 26 week or until you’ve gained employment. However, if you can only locate …

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7 Things That Go Wrong If You Don’t Hire a Lawyer When You’re Fired

Maybe it was something you saw coming or maybe it’s something you only thought happened to people who weren’t doing their jobs, but if you’ve been fired recently you owe it to yourself to have a firm understanding of what your rights are. Don’t ask your best friends or the barista at your favorite coffee …

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FLSA Cases Reach Record High in 2015

The number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuits reached a record high in 2015. The increased number of FLSA cases is attributed to heightened employee rights awareness, more worker-friendly restrictions, and publicity around related minimum wage and overtime issues. Evidence of a record number of FLSA cases filed in 2015 outlines an 8 percent …

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Two things your boss can’t do after you’ve been injured on the job

Workplace injury is not a valid reason to fire your employee. Are you an employee who’s been injured on the job? Then it’s important that both you and your employer understand the proper way to handle this workplace injury. An employer might use a workers’ compensation claim as an excuse to inflict punishment on an …

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Top Laws that Protect You When You’ve Been Laid Off

There’s a great deal of stress that comes with losing a job. If you were recently laid off, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pay bills or how you’re going to get insurance for your family, among other things. However, you may have some protections in place that will help you have a little …

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What is Wrongful Termination?

You’ve lost your job. It doesn’t seem fair but what are your rights in an at-will state like Florida? “At will” means an employer can terminate employment for any reason — or none at all — except for cases involving contracts (written or implied), a protected class, protected activity, or approved leave. The details can …

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Was Ray Rice Wrongfully Terminated?

If you followed the Ray Rice wrongful termination case, you undoubtedly have an opinion on the situation. If not, a review of the details may help you understand the settlement reached. The Background In February of 2014, Ray Rice, a Baltimore Ravens running back (at the time), was caught hitting his (then) fiancée Janay, in …

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4 Things Not to Do if You Just Got Fired

Getting terminated from a job is an emotional time. However, not every termination is handled well or legally. When this happens, it’s tempting to do some of the following, but it’s certainly not advisable: Act Unprofessionally Screaming, hurling objects around the office, making faces at executives, telling your boss exactly what you think of him, …

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Can I be Fired for Having My Wages Garnished?

Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) allows wages to be garnished (a portion of an employee’s paycheck withheld to pay off a debt) in order to pay an outstanding debt to credit card companies, banks, other financial lenders, and/or government agencies as in the case of court judgments, child support, taxes, and …

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Can I Be Denied Employment for Refusing to take a Drug Test?

The short answer is yes. An employer can decide not to hire someone based on refusal of a drug test as long as that is the sole reason and not because they are part of a protected class. This denial must apply to all job candidates as a company policy. Since drug testing laws fall …

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