Hillsborough County Wage Theft

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Wage theft is a major problem in Hillsborough County – far worse than other parts of Florida, according to a recent report in the Tampa Bay Times.

Wage theft is an illegal practice that happens when employers withhold employees’ earnings – whether it is regular pay, overtime, or benefits.

Hillsborough County Commissioners on Wednesday discussed various ways of battling the problem. Commissioner Kevin Beckner pushed for the county to get involved because, often, people cannot afford to pay a lawyer.

However, at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, our experienced attorneys take on wage theft cases on a contingency basis – meaning that the firm is paid when there are favorable results.

Also, under Florida Statute 448.08, successful litigants are entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees – which means it’s the opposing party who’s paying.

With this approach, the inability to pay upfront does not stop good claims.

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