florida employment discrimination laws you need to know

6 Florida Employment Discrimination Laws You Need to Know

Florida employment discrimination laws cover millions of Florida workers. From hospitality to healthcare and retail to restaurants, and many industries in between, you have the right to work free from harassment and discrimination.

The Florida Civil Rights Act protects a wide range of classes. Here are 6 specific areas protected by this comprehensive anti-discrimination law.


Must-Know Florida Employment Discrimination laws

1. Protection Against Sex Discrimination

Workplace sex discrimination is still all too common. There are a number of ways individuals can get mistreated that are covered under Florida employment discrimination laws. This can include mistreatment:

      • During the job application process
      • With comments regarding your gender by a supervisor, coworker, or customer
      • For involvement in an organization that protects the interests of women
      • Via advertisements or posts that contain sexual stereotypes
      • Firing someone due to gender
      • Limiting raises or promotions due to gender


2. Protection Against Race Discrimination

Employees are also protected against race discrimination under Florida law. The same mistreatment that happens with sex discrimination can happen, and unfortunately does happen, due to racism in the workplace. Experienced employment law attorneys can do a thorough investigation of race discrimination cases.

If you feel like you have been demoted, fired, kept from a promotion or benefits, or other areas of mistreatment on the basis of your race, color, creed, or national origin, it is important to consult with a lawyer who fights for justice and equality in the workplace.

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3. Protection Against Pregnancy Discrimination

Florida law also protects workers against pregnancy discrimination. Did you know that this type of workplace discrimination has reached epidemic proportions? But employers are being held for their actions by experienced employee rights attorneys every day. Here are some examples of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace:

      • Refusing to hire someone who has just given birth or is pregnant
      • Demoting or firing someone due to pregnancy
      • Forcing an employee to switch jobs because they become pregnant
      • Not providing reasonable accommodations for their job
      • Harassing a woman because she is pregnant


From name-calling to demotions and even unlawful termination, pregnancy discrimination happens across industries and should not be tolerated. Employee rights attorneys help women and their families pursue justice, get their careers back on track, and help navigate the complexities of the legal system.

4. Protection Against Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title I, and the Florida Civil Rights Act protect Florida workers against disability discrimination. These laws cover all aspects of employment, including interviewing, wages, raises, promotions, health insurance, and all other parts of your daily job.

If you have a disability, it is your right as an American citizen to be treated the same way as anyone else. You are also protected against retaliation if you file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). They also can’t punish you, by law, if you serve as a witness in another employee’s disability discrimination case.


5. Protection Against Age Discrimination

Another important area covered under Florida employment discrimination laws is age discrimination. The Florida Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protect people 40 years of age and older. Some examples of age discrimination include:

      • Making older employees take early retirement (but they can offer incentive packages)
      • Discriminating against older workers when reducing the size of their staff (Reduction in Force)
      • Discriminating in any stage of the employment process, including interviews and job postings
      • Retaliating against a worker if they file a claim (like a demotion, denying a promotion, or firing)


Have you heard of the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA)? It is an amendment to the ADEA that prohibits employers from reducing or denying benefits to workers due to their age. If any of these situations have happened to you, contact an employee rights attorney to fight for your rights and against age discrimination.

6. Protection Against Religious Discrimination

You have a right to practice your religion in America, and doing so is protected by both federal and Florida law. Religious discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms. It can come from a supervisor, a coworker, a customer, or other people you come into contact with on the job. Religious discrimination should never be tolerated and is against the law.

As with other types of mistreatment and harassment, the law protects you across all areas of employment including throughout the hiring process and during the performance of your duties. You may not be prohibited to wear certain attire, hats, or headdresses that are worn due to your religious beliefs. You also have the right to take time off for your religious holidays too.


Potential Remedies for Employment Discrimination

When you work with an employment law attorney, there are a number of potential remedies to discrimination in the workplace. Depending on your particular case, solutions may include:

  • Back pay and benefits (if you were denied benefits or a promotion)
  • Compensatory damages for expenses due to discrimination (such as a new job search)
  • Compensatory damages for mental anguish, suffering, and emotional harm
  • Orders that require the employer to stop the discriminatory practices (preventing further harm)
  • Punitive damages (as punishment to the employer for particularly reckless behavior)
  • Orders that require an employer to take steps to prevent any further discrimination in the workplace


Fighting for Workplace Justice

Florida employment discrimination laws are there for your protection. If you have been subjected to any of the above types of discrimination, know that you have options to hold your employer accountable and fight for justice for you and your family.

At Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., we remain by your side throughout the process of filing and litigating an employment discrimination claim. Following your initial consultation, we take immediate action in getting to know the facts of your case.

Contact us today to set up your free, confidential consultation. Your employer has a lawyer, and you should have experienced and aggressive legal representation to fight for your rights.


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Please Note: At the time this article was written, the information contained within it was current based on the prevailing law at the time. Laws and precedents are subject to change, so this information may not be up to date. Always speak with a law firm regarding any legal situation to get the most current information available.



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