What is Considered Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

No employee should ever have to endure sexual harassment. But if you believe it may have happened to you, it is critical to understand what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace, your employee rights, and what you can do to stop it. What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? According to the Equal Employment […]

Understanding Your Workplace Rights

Independent Contractors in Florida: Understanding Your Workplace Rights

Independent contractors in Florida can fulfill multiple needs for employers. They may help during peak business times, provide short-term help for special events or promotions, or even serve a primary ongoing role for a particular type of service. Understanding the difference between an employee vs. independent contractor is important to ensure workplace rights are upheld. […]


Florida Work From Home Laws: What Employment Laws Apply to Remote Workers?

With more employers allowing teleworking since the pandemic, having the proper information about Florida work-from-home laws has become important for an ever-growing segment of the workforce. Many individuals wonder what employment laws apply to remote workers, from technology and finance professionals to business administration and academia. Even if you work from home, you still have […]

Filing a Lawsuit Against an Employer: 5 Steps to Protect Your Workplace Rights

Filing a Lawsuit Against an Employer: 5 Steps to Protect Your Workplace Rights

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against an employer, know you are entitled to certain protections under federal and state law. They are strong, comprehensive, and written to safeguard employee rights against powerful businesses across multiple industries. When employers violate employment laws, there are steps that you can take to support your claim and […]

Florida Employee Guide

At-will Employment and Wrongful Termination – Florida Employee Guide

Employees often have questions about at-will employment in Florida, such as: “Can you be fired for no reason in Florida?” “Is Florida an at-will employment state?”, or “Can you sue for being fired in an at-will state?” If you’ve recently lost your job due to no fault of your own, it is important to understand […]

how to prove wrongful termination

How Can You Prove Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination can have severe consequences on employees and their families. Employers who violate employment law should be held accountable for their egregious actions. Proving Wrongful Termination The first step in proving a wrongful termination is to determine the circumstances and facts of your firing. Wrongful termination occurs when someone protected by state or federal […]

Short-Term Disability vs. Sick Leave: What's the Difference?

Short-Term Disability vs. Sick Leave: What’s the Difference?

When the unexpected happens, such as an illness or injury, employees need to understand their options in taking time off work. Knowing the difference between short-term disability vs. sick leave will give you the information you need about your employee rights and help you make the right decision for your situation. About Short-Term Disability and. […]

How to Win a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in Florida

How to Win a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in Florida

If you have recently been fired, you may qualify for a wrongful termination lawsuit in Florida. A wrongful termination lawyer specializes in employee rights and leads as your advocate to seek justice. Understandably, you could be wondering how to win a wrongful termination lawsuit. An experienced employment law attorney leverages legal expertise, skill, and strategy […]

Retaliation in the Workplace

Retaliation in the Workplace: An Employee’s Guide to Understanding Their Rights in Florida

Retaliation in the workplace can occur at multiple levels and in any industry. From entry-level to supervisory and management positions, employees in technology, healthcare, finance, and many more fields are susceptible to employer retaliation. Retaliation at work can have many consequences. It can interfere with your career trajectory, cause serious financial strain, and inflict unnecessary […]

Coronavirus & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Coronavirus & Wrongful Termination in Florida

Have you been fired during the pandemic? You may be able to file a coronavirus wrongful termination lawsuit. Even though Florida is an “at-will” state, which means that employers can fire you for any (legal) reason, you still have protections against unlawful termination during the pandemic. What Employees Need to Know About Coronavirus & Wrongful […]


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