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Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage: The Age of the Wage Gap and Wage Theft

What’s the difference between the United States’ minimum wage vs. living wage? The “living wage” was introduced as an unenforced standard for employers in the United Kingdom. It will be raised in the UK starting this April, and is often referred to in political discussions and elsewhere suggesting that America needs to set its own […]

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Three Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Workers’ Comp

What excludes you from workers’ compensation? There are several reasons you may be denied workers’ compensation. Some of the most common claims in the workplace leave employees confused about the proper course of action. When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, an employee must take the course of action outlined by the employer’s company policy. […]

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California Removes “Alien” from Labor Code and Stops $13 Minimum Wage Hike

Revisions to California’s Labor Code raise employee rights standards Many strikes on large corporations begin with low wages. That’s because there is no protection to wages except the federal and state minimum wage. Minimum wage standards are set by states according to the economics found within each state. This figure greatly depends on the minimum […]

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Florida Employers May Soon Lose Access to Employee Social Media Profiles

New Florida Bill May Restrict Employer Access to Social Media Are your social media profiles private? Can an employer or potential employer request to see your social media accounts? Currently there are employers who base hiring decisions, promotions, and even consideration for firing based on a candidate’s social media footprint. This may all change soon […]

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Beware of Worker Misclassification with Subcontractors

Have you been incorrectly classified as a contractor? If you work in the construction industry for subcontractors either by taking on jobs when they need you or working full-time, beware of how they classify you. The job title they assign you could mean less money in your pocket and if you are misclassified as an […]

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Cheerleaders gaining more employment law protections

A bill is on its way to the California governor’s desk that would classify football and basketball cheerleaders as employees and require their teams to pay them at least minimum wage. The bill would also require overtime pay and sick leave for professional cheerleaders in California. The bill was pitched by a former college cheerleader […]

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Facebook improves benefits for its contractors

Facebook recently announced improved benefits for its contractors and vendors in the United States, including a $15 minimum wage, a minimum of 15 paid days off for holidays, sick time and vacation — and for workers who don’t get paid parental leave, a $4,000 new child benefit. In a news release, the company’s Chief Operating […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Hurting Your Damage Claims

For the most part, damages in employment lawsuits are awarded by juries. Juries are comprised of people. People have opinions and these opinions influence their decisions when it comes to damage awards. Jury instructions read by a Judge provide parameters parameters and the amount to be awarded may be suggested through evidence of lost wages, […]

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Balancing Work with Treatment a Possibility for Cancer Patients

Often a diagnosis like cancer leads people to quit their jobs to focus on their health. But sometimes, cancer handled more like a chronic illness. According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, there are more than 13 million cancer survivors in the United States. Some deal with lingering medical issues. And while […]

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Cuomo Takes on Wage Theft

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making waves in nail salons throughout the Empire State by creating a multi-task force to investigate allegations of wage theft and unhealthy working conditions at nail salons. The War Against Unhealthy and Underpaid Working Conditions Nail salons are notorious for the noxious chemicals they use and workers are exposed […]


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