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Fighting to Get Unpaid Wages

Wage theft is a growing problem in Florida.The industries that are the backbone of the Florida economy – tourism, construction, hospitality, and retail trade – are some of the most affected with the highest number of incidents reported. Wage theft, or unpaid wages, comes in a multitude of categories including unpaid overtime; non-adherence to minimum […]

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Wage and Hour Violations

Wage and hour violations are generally more complex than a worker who is eligible for minimum wage and doesn’t receive it. There are all sorts of intricacies within the law that contribute to unpaid wages. Here are a few scenarios of wage and hour violations: Misclassification of Exempt and Non-Exempt Sometimes this is done through […]

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What You Need to Know About Florida Wage and Hour Laws

While our country’s maternity and paternity leave may not be as generous as other nations around the world, our workers are afforded minimum decencies and rights that many do not receive. There are laws in place to combat workplace discrimination and wrongful termination. There are also safeguards that allow employees to petition for unpaid wages. […]

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FLSA: Is There A Statute of Limitations?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) established the minimum wage, overtime pay, and minor employment standards and reporting.Under FLSA covered employees are eligible for at least $7.25 an hour for pay (Florida is higher than the national minimum) and overtime pay for work weeks above 40 hours (for nonexempt employees). Overtime pay shall be paid […]

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Did Papa John’s Withhold Employee Wages?

Employers find various ways to cheat employees out of overtime. A company can be guilty of overtime violations when they use managerial job descriptions to make people ineligible for overtime. Another tactic employers often use is to create a subterfuge to make it look like an employee is working fewer hours than they actually are. […]

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Understanding Vacation Pay and Employment

In a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics for the U.S. Travel Association, it was found that Americans forfeited $52.4 billion in time-off benefits in 2013 alone, meaning they took less vacation in 2013 than they had in the previous 4 decades. Why Aren’t Americans Using Vacation Time? American workers are now being titled “work […]

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Can I be Fired for Having My Wages Garnished?

Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) allows wages to be garnished (a portion of an employee’s paycheck withheld to pay off a debt) in order to pay an outstanding debt to credit card companies, banks, other financial lenders, and/or government agencies as in the case of court judgments, child support, taxes, and […]

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What Can I Do if My Employer Violates My Employment Contract?

If you have an agreement with your employer – written or verbal (albeit verbal is harder to prove) – that has been broken, you have several courses of action. If the employment/employee contract is a union contract, speak with your union representative first. If not, then you can: Speak with the Human Resources Department While […]

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What is Workplace Discrimination and How to Fight Back

Florida is an at-will state and employees may be fired at any time with little to no cause. However, workplace discrimination is not included in at-will terminations. If you’ve been a victim of workplace discrimination, you can – and should – fight back. What is Workplace Discrimination? Workplace discrimination includes any “adverse employment action” (including […]

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Get Your Facts Together: Proving Your Wrongful Termination Case

Since Florida is an “at will” state, employees may be fired at any time with the exception of situations involving discrimination, whistleblowing, a wage dispute or dispute over unpaid overtime, breach of employment contract, or time off sanctioned by law. The Florida Civil Rights Act lists “protected classes” from termination, but the burden of proof […]


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